Other Sports Issues

“In the end, Howard executed it like you wouldn’t believe.  He put the puzzle together so perfectly, so easily.”
—Kicker Vencil USA Today

Howard Jacobs is a trial attorney who works closely with athletes on a daily basis. We are available to consult with and represent athletes on virtually any type of civil dispute that involves the athlete’s participation in sport or their compensation for such participation.

Examples of such representation include numerous lawsuits filed on behalf of  athletes who bought contaminated vitamins and supplements that caused them to test positive for banned substances, to obtain just compensation for their lost participation in sport. We have also represented numerous athletes to help them obtain just compensation when their name and likeness is used without their permission.  Howard Jacobs’ status as a former professional athlete enables him to better explain to a jury the often complex issues that athletes face.

In association with the nationally-recognized Spence Law Firm, we have also represented many athletes and other people that have been seriously injured or killed, in cases throughout the United States.  If you need a lawyer who cares about you, who understands your needs, and who will fight for you against powerful interests and corporations, please call or e-mail us.